James Anthony Tobin was born in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday the 17th of November, 1928 and died on Saturday the 17th of December, 2016 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. In Charles Boyle’s book, Absolution (https://www.amazon.com/Absolution-Charlie-Company-Battalion-Infantry/dp/0991601440), Father Tobin is quoted as saying, “Perhaps when this war is ended, we, the living will all join at some holy sepulcher of peace and talk with Andy and Jackie and Wally again. It is only then, after the many long years have dimmed your rage and softened your hearts, that you will come to know the true glory of their lives and the meaning of the deaths. They will be there waiting for us, these three, and all the others.” I pray these boys, along with his best friend, COL Awb Norris; his sister, Rita and his niece, Eileen, will be there to greet this amazing man, hand him a bourbon, and keep him laughing until the rest of his family can be reunited with him.
Click here for the full obituary for James Tobin.
Remembrance of Mike Balser - by Dennis Atkins
     Mike Balser and I served together as platoon leaders under the command of Chuck Boyle. Our friendship began in '66 August when we became bunk mates during our OCS training. After OCS, as newly commissioned lieutenants, our assignments took in different directions only to be re-united again when we came down on levy for deployment to Viet Nam. Upon arriving in-country, we were fortuitously assigned to the 3rd Brigade, 25th Inf. Division in Dau Tieng. Together we fought and survived The Battle of FSB Burt, Ap Cho, The Battle of Good Friday and countless daily actions that comprised The Tet Offensive of 1968.
More Remembrance of Captain Michael D. Balser
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Robert H. McKenzie - 8/16/1950 - 2/27/2017
Oscar Cantu wrote "He was in my Platoon and my best friend in the jungle. I lead my platoon and he was behind me with the compass leading me the right direction. ...He was a wonderful person. I am sending you a picture of us in stand down. Robert McKenzie R.I.P. End of Tour
Larry and Barb Rhodes
at Angel Fire, NM, Nov. 2016
Larry Rhodes, age 71, passed away peacefully at home in Rociada, New Mexico in the loving arms of his devoted wife Barbara, Thursday, April 13th at 10:30 a.m. He was born on November 2, 1945 in Garden City, Michigan. Larry fought a courageous 29 month battle against stage 4 gastric cancer. His strength, zest for life, and his never-give-up attitude were an inspiration to all who knew him. He was a respected and deeply loved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, brother, and friend. Larry proudly and honorably served his country as a combat medic in Vietnam (1966-1967), and his connection to his Army brothers only grew deeper and stronger through the C/3/22 Association as years passed.
Larry R. Rhodes - 11/2/1945 - 4/13/2017
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This page is dedicated to the Charlie Company men who have died since Vietnam.
May They Rest in Peace.
C/3/22 Deceased
Robert G. Adams, Jan 2006
Louis Gene Alder, 18 Sept 2005
David D. Anderson 24 May 2016
James Archambault 6 Jan 2013
William C. Ashley 27 Apr 1991
Michael D. Balser, 29 Jan 2017
Charles W. Banks, 2 Apr 2014
Bill Barbrow, 19 Apr 1997
Elton Baril, 4 Oct 1999
Raymond Barry, 10 Oct 2018
Fred C. Bass, 2006
Eugene C. Bauchman Aug 2004
Sgt Fred C. Beckwith, 15 Jul 1994
Jay D. Beil, 7 Mar 2008
SGM. Norman L. Bell, 19 Mar. 2010
Col John Bender, 3 Jan 2000
Frank Benhart, 14 Apr 2000
Robert L. Berger, Mar 1976
SP4 Charles Betencourt, 1990
James Beverett, 11 Mar 1983
Andy Bird, May 2004
CSM Jose F. Blancaflor, 3 Sep 2017
Okey Blankenship, 10 Oct, 2011
Kenneth J. Borne, Apr 2012
Barry K. Bovee, 23 Aug 2014
Walter F. Boyda, 21 Nov 2010
Terry J. Brandhorst, 10 Oct 2009
Gerald Brandle, 3 Aug 2002
Barney Branham, 1989
James R. Bright Jr., 1993
Fr. Bill Broderick, 12 Dec 2002
Charlie Brown, 12 Oct 2002
Gerald (Jerry) Brown, 13 Jan 2008
Lowell Wayne Brown, 10 Aug 2019
COL Kenneth E. Buell, 26 Sept 2010
Lloyd Burkholder, 20 Dec 2000
Melvin A. Bushong, Unknown
Clarence Busick, 28 Sept 2009
Howard V. Butler, 30 Dec 2012
Richard Butler, about 2011-12
Enrique Cabrera, 29 Jun 1980
Richard G. Calvin, 2012
SFC William E. Campbell, 13 May 2015
Robert B. Carmichael, 29 Aug 2016
Ronnie Carpenter, 8 Apr 2013
Ignacio Castro, Feb 1990
Jess Cervantes, 25 Jan 2013
Kaveda R. Charles, 30 Oct 2009
Carlos Chavez, 18 Jan 2015
Robert B. Clarkson, 1 Mar 2010
Russell D. Coffey, 19 Nov 2015
Anthony Colandro, 2003
Larry Collins, 2005
William Connery, 1976
Randall L. Cotter, 17 May 2017
Herbert Covert, 17 Jul 2004
Robert Cramer, Early 1970's
Gary L. Croft, 1988
Joe L. Dardin 12 Nov 2015
Stephen B. Davidson, 1967
Phillip Dean, Date Unknown
Greg Delapp, June 2004
Ray Desmarais, 15 Sep 1996 Karl Debroszczyk, 24 Jul 2014
Maj Gerald Devlin, 11 Nov 2016
Ervin P. Dobosiewicz, 31 Mar 2018
William E. Doll, 13 May 1983
Eugene Donald, 7 Feb 2014
Benny Dooley, 5 Feb 2007
Danny Dotson, 6 Apr 1999
1SG Cecil DuCote, 1 Mar 2003
Brent L. Dyson, May 1988
Thomas V. Dungan, 3 Jan 2013
Calvin Dunsmore, 2001
Robert "Andy" Enoch, 29 Mar 2011
John Erby, 9 Nov 2008
Donald Evans, 29 Mar 2001
Harold Farris, 29 Apr 2012
Carl Felgenhauer, 1995
Maury W. Fincham 11 Jun 2015
BG (Rt) Roy K. Flint 17 Feb 2015
Gilbert Flores, 31 May 1980
Calvin Floyd, 21 Aug 1995
William C. Forbes, 6 Jan 1992
Eugene Ford Jr.,1988
Eugene Foster, 4 Dec 1987
Rigoberto Fragoso, 24 Mar 2003
SSG Frazier, Unknown
Albert S. Fugitt, 25 Oct 2018
Jerrold R. Fulton, 14 Jun 2017
MG Marshall B. Garth, 11 Jun 1995
1SG Richard Gauthier, Jun 1998
Thomas Gettinger, 7 Aug 1987
Curtis D. Giddens, 2005
Kenneth E. Giesing 13 Nov 2014
Van Gill, Nov 1994
John E Goff, Before 1995
John Gorgone, 22 Oct 2015
Tony Gosnell, Sept 1997
Johnny Green, 26 Jul 2009
Gary L. Groft, Jan 1975
Donald Haas, Jul 1978
Joseph Hacia, Nov 2004
Eugene Hahaj, 12 Apr 2019
Quince Hale, 27 Jul 1994
Ed Hallenbeck, 23 Sept 2008
Phillip J. Hallisy, 2013
Russell L. Harner, 1 Aug 2001
Thomas E. Harris, 1992
Michael Hayes, 22 Nov 2013
COL John E. Hazelwood, 19 Jan 2013
Gary L. Heilmer, 19 Aug 2018
Leslie Heller, 17 Feb 1998
Robert L. Helms, 3 Dec 1976
Edward E. Helsel, 17 Jan 2017
Obry Henderson, 1970
Wayne D. Henderson, 2007
John Hendrix, Jan 1993
Gerald Hennish, 21 Jun 1984
Charles D. Henning, 1986
Hector Hernandez, 2010
SGM Lawrence T. Hickey, 9 Jul 1976
Col James Hilmar, 21 Dec 1996
Brendon T. Hoban, 1996
Roger D. Hollowell, 9 Sep 1993
Sherman Hopson 25 Oct 2015
James Hough, 30 Oct 1998
Andrew Hovance, 8 Oct 2015
Matthew Howard, 15 Nov 1990
Charles Householder, May 2012
Willis Huff, 2008
Frank Humpal, 1999
Benny P. Ingram, 10 Sep 1993
John C. Innis, 27 Mar 1983
Rafael Irrizarry, 21 Sep 1988
Butler Jackson Jr, 22 Jul 2014
Curtis Jackson, 12 Oct 2012
James Jackson, Jan 1993
Michael Jamilkowski, 1992
Joseph M. Jarvis, 30 Jan 1995
Aaron Johnson, 1996
Maj Jerome Johnson, 1970
Steven J. Johnson, 6 Jan 2002
Robert Johnson, 7 Oct 2009
Alvin V. Jones, Mar 2015
James A. Jones, 17 Sep 2015
John C Jones, Dec 2010
Robert Jones, 6 Nov 2001
LTC Warren A. Jones, Jan 1987
Daniel Juan, Jul 1980
Karl Kaidan, 21 Oct 2009
William Kane, Dec 2017
SSG William S. Karr, 27 Mar 99
Roger W. Kasa, 17 Jun 2016
Kirk Keeney, 3 Nov 2000

Donny J. Kemp, 17 Jun 2011
Martin L. Keymel, 14 May 2010
Marvin Keys, 20 Apr 1993
Robert A. Kies, 3 Sept 1998
Gary Killingbeck, 7 Dec 1999
Henry D. Knapp, 1983
Fred J. Koenig, May 1980
Marvin Kohn, 23 Mar 2003
Danny Kopp, Nov 1999
Michael B. Kopp,25 Jun 1998
Dennis Krause, 15 Oct 2013
Ron Kuhn, Nov 2004
Greg LaGoy, 18 July 2006
Willard Lair. Dec 2004
Michael P. Landers, 19 Jan 2013
William T. Landman, Dec 1992
Dale M. Lanning, 24 Apr 2017
Carrasco F. Lanzo, 15 Aug 1988
James Lawton, 1995
Charles L. LeFebre 27 Dec 2016
John E. Lesniak, 2007
Kenneth Litthauer, 6 Apr 2000
Daniel Lockridge, 19 Jan 2004
Harvey F. Long, 21 Mar 2014
Douglas H. Loomis, 1990
Ronald Lower, 1984
Larry G. Lowrance, 4 Mar 2018
Jerry Lozier 3 Jan 2016
Willie D. Magwood, 21 Oct 2014
Donald Manlief, 1983
Frank Marceau, 1994
Eldon W. March, 12 Oct 2018
Joe R. Marez, 15 Dec 2003
James E. Marsh, 2 Sep 1984
James Ray Martin, 17 Aug 2017
Richard C. Marty, 1972
Dale L. Martz, 2007
Dewey McCoy, 8 May 1994
Col Don McCoy, 22 Jun 1998 Charles D, McCurry, 18 Apr 2007
Charles L. McKee 13 July 2016
Robert H. McKenzie, 27 Feb 2017
Jack L. McKim, Jun 2006
Roosevelt L. McKinney, 9 Sep 2008
Richard McLellan, 2007
John McRae, 13 Aug 1995
John D. Meadows, 5 May 2013
Shelby Meares, 1994
Edward Meisenheimer, 14 Oct 2013
Dennis W. Merritt, 2001
Russell Messimer, 2 Dec 2012
Billy Miles, 2005
Alton Miller, Dec 1969
Joseph F. Miller, 1975
Maurice E. Miller, 1 Aug 1986
Thomas R. Miller, 29 Mar 2010
Eugene Millheim, Apr 1975
Bruce Mills, 1993
Dennis K. Milton, 23 Oct 1993
Arlie Mitchum, 15 Jan 2006
Richard P. Monson, 6 Apr 2013
Ronald A. Moody, 27 Jul 2011
David H. Moran 17 Mar 2016
Pedro J. Mundo, 6 Dec 1968
Billy Musick, 1976
James L. Nelson, 7 May 1993
Manuel D. Nery, 9 Feb 2017
Joseph G. Nett, 12 Jan 2014
Ronald J. Newton, 1981
LT Roy Nilsen, 1990
Col. A.G. Norris, 24 June 2008
Eugene Northern, 1973
Emmett Old Bull, 2008
J Robert O'Neal, 30 Sept 2018
John T. O'Shields, 20 Jan 2006
Fred K. Painter, 2 Apr 1998
Oliver M. Palmore, 6 Apr 2014
Hoyt F. Parent, Aug 2008
Paul Payne, Unknown
William Phelps, 27 Jul 2018
John Phillips, Unknown
Sidney Pilkinton, 11 Apr 2010
Hans Pinkepank, 23 June 2008
Roy Pomposelli, 14 May 2008
Lonnie J. Post, 27 un 2002
Robert Price, 25 Oct 1999
Elwin Pulsipher, 1987
Gary Pupshis, 1 Jun 2001
Sgt Lee J. Raines, 1991
Louis B. Ramos, 21 Nov 2001
Tony Rea, 1999
Boyd A. Reese, 30 Jul 2011
Richard Reddin, 20 May 1994
Charles Mike Reid, 18 Dec 2018
Roland E Respess, 26 Sept 2013
David Rhode, 19 Jun 2015
Larry R. Rhodes, 13 Apr 2017
Clifford E. Richards, 16, Jun 2014
Percy L. Ricks, 2009
Maj Clifford Roberts, Jan 2001
Craig E. Robinson, 15 Sept 2007
Richard A. Robinson, 25 Mar 1998
Roberto Robles Jr., 23 May 2019
LTC Jefferson K. Rogers, 1983
George M. Rosch, 18 Mar 2013
Charles Rowell, Nov 2006
John H. Russell, Jun 2001
Steve (Missipi) Rye, 11 Sep 1999
John R. Sanchez, 5 Apr 1995
Charles Sarasin, 30 Oct 1975
Leonard Saucedo, 15 May 2016
Dave Say, 12 Oct 2000
Harvey Schnackenburg, 2001
Thomas Schnieder, Feb 1976
Donald B. Setters, 3 Jul 2008
Tim Semerau, 27 Jul 2015
Ronald E. Shonkwiler, 21 Jul 2009
Rex Sloan, 1993
Charles Smith, 25 Aug 2014
Elmo A. Smith, 19 Aug 1976
Ramon Sotelo, 2000
Fred J. Spencer, 1986
Burton L. St. John, 2005
Charles Starr, 2006
Robert W. Steele, 6 Oct 2014
Ronald C. Stevens, 13 Jun 2017
Lawrence Stringer, May 1994
Orville R. Sweat, 10 Oct 2011
Lynn A. Taylor, 12 Apr 2017
William H. Taylor, 1 Nov 1982
Bennie Tate, 2007
Jay L. Thomas, Apr 2000
Joseph G. Thomas Jr., 25 Jan 2005
Jimmy R. Thomason, 2005
Wallace (Gene) Tillett, 2003
James Tilley, 1968
Roy Tims,10 May 1995
David Tinga, 8 July 2007
James A. Tobin, 17 Dec 2016
Steve B. Todd, 21 Jan 2019
James (Les) Trask, Sep 2000
Warner Tunstalle, 26 Apr 1997
Ray Underwood, 16 Sep 2004
Henry Van Ness, 1969
Andres Vasquez, 15 Feb 1992
James B. Vaughn, 23 Oct 1991
David Varblow, Jan 1997
Robert (Kookie) Vialpando, 4 Dec 2014
Jimmey R. Vickers 8 Mar 2016
Jesse W. Villines, JR. May 2008
Robert Voseipka, 1998
Gary W. Wagner, 22 May 1996
Herbert Walkup, 27 Nov 2015
Robert Walton, 1992
Kenneth Watson, 14 Apr 1992
David M. Webb, 25 Sep 1994
Steve Weber, 1 Apr 2015
William Welborn, Unknown
SGM Arthur Werner, 16 Oct 1998
Rudolph L. Whitehead, 2002
Hulen Wicks, 1 Jun 1998
Frank O. Wilber, 26 Mar 2016
Larry Wilson, 27 Jun 1970
Danny R. Withers, 28 Apr 1991
David T. Wolfe, 23 Aug 2012
David J. Wolford, 11 Aug 2003
Paul B Wright, 25 Feb 2012
William Young, Jr. Feb 1982
Leonard Zellner, 24 Jan 2010
Melvin L. Zutter, 21 Apr 2009
Memorials Below:
Roberto Robles, Jr.
Eugene "Gene" Hahaj
William Phelps
Robert O'Neal
Gary L. Heilmer
Larry Lowrance
Jose Blancaflor
Larry Rhodes
Mike Balser
Jose F. Blancaflor, 1933 - 2017
Tribute Page - click link below
Larry "Tennessee" Lowrance - 4/29/47 - 3/4/18
From Jim Cunnningham: He was a Squad Leader in our 69-70 3rd Platoon. He was best known though for humping the M-60 despite being only about 5’5” and 135 soaking wet. Great guy and great leader.
Obituary for Larry Lowrance of Bethel Springs, Tennessee. Click Link Below
Mr. Gary Lee Heilmer - August 4, 1946 - August 19, 2018
Heilmer, Gary L. age 72 of NE Minneapolis went to be with the Lord August 19, 2018. Preceded in death by father, Ralph. Gary proudly served in the Vietnam War and helped raise a beautiful family. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and friend; he was always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need - his spirit lives on in the hearts of those who knew him. He is deeply loved and missed by his wife of 43 years, Mary; sons, Matthew (Debbie) and Christopher (Jennie); grandchildren, Lucy, Jason, and Joey; mother, Irene; sisters, Joan (Jim) and Diane; many nieces, nephews, relatives, and friends.
Orlando 2013
Wash DC 2011
San Diego 2015
Minneapolis 2017
Branson 2019
James Robert O’Neal, 73, of Bay City passed away September 30, 2018. He was born September 16, 1945 in Prattville, Alabama to the late Ray and Hazel Hunt O’Neal. He served his country in the US Army during the Vietnam War, receiving both the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He worked as an operator for Celanese before retiring. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by one sister Brenda McLain. Survivors include his wife Gina O’Neal; daughter Renetta Holmes (B. J.), sons Eric O’Neal (Nicole) and Declan O’Neal; step-sons Christian Bustamante (Eileen) and Patrick Bustamante; sisters Marlene Matherne (Nolan) and Carol Barker (John); brothers Donald O’Neal (Cheryl) and Nathan O’Neal (Annie) and grandchildren Madison O’Neal, Kennslee, Marlee, Brylee and Tyce Holmes, Christan Bustamante and Alena Bustamante.

James Robert O'Neal - September 16, 1945 - September 30, 2018
A large contingent of Charlie Company troops attended Gary's Funeral. We sent him off to a better place in a very good way.
Left to Right: John Miner, Carl Jones, Rick DeNomme, Gene Heck, Leon Krone, Palmer Johnson, Terry Toomey, Rick Anderson, Trevor Grange, Butch Godlewski, Gary Gustner.
William Lloyd Phelps, RIP July 27, 2018
Double-click here for obituary
EUGENE J. "GENE" HAHAJ(1946 - 2019)
EUGENE "GENE" J. HAHAJ, 72, of Fort Wayne, died Friday, April 12, 2019, at home surrounded by his loving family. Born April 15, 1946 in South Bend, Gene was a son of the late Benedict and Mary Hahaj. He was a member of Our Lady of Good Hope Catholic Church, American Legion Post 47 and proudly served his country in the U.S. Army, Charlie Company 3rd Battalion 22nd Infantry during the Vietnam War. He retired from Hoosier Trailer and Truck Equipment in 2015. He was an avid Notre Dame fan, enjoyed playing guitar, cooking and the outdoors. Eugene is survived by his devoted wife of 38 years, Judith of Fort Wayne, Ind.; sons, Christopher (Melinda) Hahaj of Granger, Ind, and Ryan (Amy) Hahaj of Fishers, Ind.; daughter, Stephanie (Shannon) Ramos of Fort Wayne, Ind.; stepsons, Michael (Casey) Van Horn of Grandville, Mich., and Mark (Christine) Van Horn of Monroeville, Pa.; stepdaughter, Michelle (Frank) Norman of Anderson, Ind.; 14 grandchildren and one great-grandchild; brother, Ben (Christine) Hahaj Jr. of South Bend, Ind.; sister-in-law, Elaine Hahaj of Mishawaka, Ind.; sister, Nanette (Herb) Gundt of South Bend, Ind. Eugene was also preceded in death by his brother, Barry Hahaj. Memorial contributions may be made to Wounded Warrior Project. To sign the online guestbook visit www.divinemercyfuneralhome.com
Roberto Robles Jr. - January 2, 1945 – May 23, 2019
La Feria - Roberto Robles, Jr. husband and father of three children went home to our Lord Jesus Christ on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the age of 74. Roberto was born on January 2, l945 in San Benito, Texas to Roberto and Santos Robles. Roberto worked along side with his father for Pepsi Cola for many years. He proudly served in the U.S. Army and was a veteran of the Vietnam War where he was awarded the Purple Heart. He received his bachelor's degree from Pan American University in Edinburg, TX and later a master's degree from the University of Texas Arlington. He worked with Child Protective Services for many years as a social worker, retiring as a Program Director at the Edinburg regional office. He was also the successful owner of his beloved convenience store, Robles Country Mart, in La Feria, Texas.Roberto had a passion for spending time in the outdoors. He loved handy work and spent much of his retired life completing small projects and caring for his lawn. He enjoyed sporting events and frequented football games both in La Feria and at his alma mater, San Benito High School. He proudly supported his grandchildren and could often be seen at their school events. He was best known for his generosity and compassion for others. From a very early age, Roberto worked to help provide for his family. His strong work ethic will always be the legacy he leaves to his children and grandchildren. He is survived by his wife Rebecca Robles, his three children Reynaldo (Diana) Robles, Melissa Villanueva, Roberto Roel Robles, and his grandchildren, Rayhan Robles, Marina Aileen Villanueva, and Raelyn Denise Robles.Visitation will be held on Wednesday May 29, 2019 at Heavenly Grace Funeral Home in La Feria, Texas from 1-9 p.m. with a rosary at 7 p.m. Burial services will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 10 a.m. also at Heavenly Grace Funeral Home/Cemetery in La Feria, TX. Please see full obituary by clicking link below.