Reunion Dates: September 13 - 17, 2023
Wednesday to Sunday
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San Antonio HERE WE COME!

We will reunite on 13 September 2023.

I am thrilled to report the we have secured the hotel for our 2023 reunion. It is the beautiful Holiday Inn, Riverwalk. This hotel will meet all of our needs. It is right on the Riverwalk and within walking distance to the Alamo and many other attractions, including some really great restaurants.

I know everyone wants to know what is the room rate, right? Well, I will be up front with you, it is a little more than what we have paid in the past. I am also pretty sure that many of you are not at all surprised. Our rate is going to be $129 + tax a night. Considering the hotel and location and the price point the negotiations started at, that is a bargain. Our rate for parking per day is $15.

Now that we have a base camp, we can start checking out different activities. If anyone that knows San Antonio and has an idea for us to consider, please send it in.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there! Don
San Antonio 2023
Important update for the "Remembrance Ceremony" Friday, 15 September 2023.

We have recently been informed that the "Vietnam Memorial" where we were going to have our Memorial is going to be under major maintainence and closed to us for our ceremony. This could very well be a blessing in disguise. We are now going to hold the ceremony at the Freedom Park Amphitheater, Fort Sam Houston. This venue comes with stage, podium, PA system, and seating and very important shade.

Also we All will have to take a short Charter Bus ride, because private vehicles will not be allowed on the Fort.

Everything else that Dave has posted here is Spot ON.

Don Snyder, Treasurer, C/3/22, 65-67

Honoring Our Fallen Brothers

One of the most important things that we do as an organization is to honor our brothers who did not make it home as we did. At our Biennial Reunions we have made it a priority to conduct a formal Remembrance Ceremony including a color guard, bugler, featured speakers, reading of the names, and a printed program complete with a photo of each of our brothers who were killed in combat during our tours of duty in Vietnam. This ritual has become a landmark event held at a notable location at each reunion. This same format is currently being planned for our upcoming reunion at San Antonio, Texas.

For those of you who have never attended a reunion, I strongly urge you to attend our next reunion in San Antonio. The clock is ticking on how much time we have left to attend a reunion. I suggest that you make it a priority to be there not only to reunite with the brothers with whom you served, but also to pay respect and honor to our ninety-five brothers with whom we had the privilege to serve who did not make it home. This ceremony is reason enough to attend the San Antonio reunion. You owe it to your brothers and to yourself to attend. If you have any reservations about attending the reunion, give me a call. I will be honored to discuss how healing it has been for me to be part of Charlie Company 3/22 Association and the satisfaction that I gain from attending reunions.

Dave DeMauro, Secretary, C/3/22, 68-69
Viet Nam Veterans Memorial, San Antonio.
January 1986: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial of San Antonio, Inc. commissioned Austin Deuel, to create “Hill-881 South”, San Antonio’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The three times life-size bronze sculpture is believed to be the largest sculpture of its type in the United States.
Holiday Inn Riverwalk
217 N. St. Mary's Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
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2023 San Antonio Reunion Registration.
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Two new items about the reunion. 1. See below about the Remembrance Ceremony change in venue. 2. Dave Gehr has been checking on a baseball game to go to, See below for details.

     Will be great to see all at the reunion. Coming on fast! I did some checking and found out that the San Antonio missions, minor league baseball team, plays on Sept. 13th. It is military appreciation night. Veterans can get 4 free tickets with proof of service. The park is 15 minutes from our hotel so we would need to arrange transportation. Trying to get the word out and see if anyone would be interested. Let me know your thoughts! Their web site is if you want to check it out!

See you in San Antonio!

  1. Gehr

Spread the word! Let Dave Gehr know if interested!!!
Cut off date for mailing Registration Form was August 15, 2023