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The 22nd Inf. Monument at Ft. Benning.
From Tommy Tompkins: Each year my wife, Dee, and I attend the State Fair of Texas. On the grounds of State Fair Park in Dallas is the Texas Vietnam Memorial. We always take time to go by and visit and say hi to any vets that may be there. This year, one of the vets saw the 25th patch on my cap and remembered they had a 25th wreath in storage that had not been put on display. He retrieved the wreath and I had my wife snap a few pictures for me to forward to you for the newsletter. Not sure how many of our members even know about the memorial.
Top Warner in the Michelon Plantation
Photos sent in by Dave Gehr - CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE
Smoke em if you got em.
James Lind – Bob Duplechin – Danny Christain – Radio (Cummings ?)
Sent in by Trevor "Limey" Grange: Escaped John Deere. Pictured L to R - Vince Anderson, ? Davidson, Gene Hahaj (R.I.P.)
Dave Gehr sent this picture taken in1967. Dave is pictured on the left and Roger Omalza (?) on the right. Click on to enlarge.
Click here for the article
Many of you have fond memories of seeing Angel Fire, New Mexico, often with Larry Rhodes, 4th Plt. Medic 65-67. Barbara Rhodes sent this article she ran across in her local paper. Click link for the article.
"I think that anyone of us that is traveling through New Mexico should take a little side trip to visit “Angel Fire” Vietnam Memorial. It is truly awesome, with a visitor center with many great items of interest. Larry Rhodes (C/3/22 Medic 65-67) and Barb Rhodes took us to Angel Fire during one of visits with them. It is a beautiful part of the country and Carolyn and I have returned to visit several times. I know Larry took many of our Brothers that visited him up to the Memorial. Larry and I both have personalized bricks on the walk way. The bricks are for Vietnam Vets only. You can purchase a brick to be installed at the visitor center." Don Snyder.
Joe Mack sent this picture of himself holding the painting from combat artist, Jim Nelson.
"On Top of Black Virgin Mountain."
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Dave Gehr sent this:
These pictures are from 1987 – our first gathering in 20 years. Enjoy!

Included: Dave Say – Bob Duplechin – Bill Schwindt - Dave Gehr - Larry Rhodes - John Stelzer

Angel Fire, N.M.
In the early days.

Click Here to read Larry Rhodes "Walker Experience" sent in by Dave Gehr.
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Check this out! - From Dave Gehr

Moving documentary about U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Shorty Menendez, tunnel rat for Charlie Company, 3/22nd Infantry is featured. Very nice presentation!
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Pictures from Vietnam sent in by Dennis Sigler: click picture to enlarge
Submitted by Joe Piazza, 1965 era Viet Nam. Blast from the past!

Click on map to enlarge.
Chuck Boyle emailed: "I recently came into an archived after action report from the Battle of Good Friday, 11-12 April 1968.
It is 160 pages long with eyewitness accounts, radio logs, map, sketches, etc...."
Look on the Good Friday page under War Stories, for the link (at the bottom) to read the report.
Brothers lost on 1/7/69: 52 years ago, we lost six of our fellow brother in arms: Lt. Leo Mullins, Danny Scott, Craig Olson, James Merrill, William Francisco and Larry Welch. I would like for you to remind those of C/3/22 who are fortunate to be here today of those six fallen comrades. A personal prayer of remembrance would be a fitting tribute to keep their memories ever present in our minds. Stay Safe, Bob Slater
Step by step construction and dedication of the monument sent shared by Fred Buttinelli.
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22nd Inf. National Monument Dedication
The amazing story of the (Harley from Wisconsin) Left at the wall. submitted by Dave Gehr
Click here for the story
John Eickhorn, 4th plt '67, emailed 2 interesting links for the "Links" page. Take a look, they are toward the bottom of the page.
Three Agent Orange Presumptives Added: Three conditions will be added to the list of those presumptively associated with exposure to Agent Orange. Those conditions are bladder cancer, hypothyroidism and Parkinsonism.
Vietnam War era Veterans and their survivors, who previously filed and were denied benefits for one of these three new presumptive conditions, will have their cases automatically reviewed without the need to refile a claim.
Ronnie “Carolina” Evans (died recently 7/21/2021) is second from right.

All four of these brave men are now gone. Left to right, Steve Todd who passed away a couple of years ago (1/21/2019), Bruce Hahn, (KIA May of ’70), Carolina, Chatwin Strother, (KIA May of ’70).
From Jim Cunningham
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Deanna Tompkins sent the pictures on the left of Tommy taken at Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg, TX.
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Great old picture from Minneapolis '99 Reunion. Good one of a lot of guys taken on the river cruize. Sent in by Dave Gehr.
Click on picture to enlarge.
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Sent to Dave DeMauro from one of his Combat Photographer Brothers, Roger Welt: Congratulations on another famous Dave DeMauro RVN photo being published! I just received the 2022 25th Infantry Division calendar and there was your photo!!!
REMINDER: Click on the pictures to enlarge.
"I hear from Shorty yesterday that Capt Keith Skiles has died. I had you take a picture of him with two other officers in that photo album. He was great and a blessing after Capt Pride. It was Skiles that got me out of the bush and a rear area assignment after returning from my R & R in about mid July of 1970. He may have saved my life. Thank God for men like Keith Skiles."

The picture and message were from Stuart Simonson to his son, Spense. Spense Simonson sent this in to us. Both were at the Columbus Reunion.
Danny Christian won the drawing in Columbus Reunion for the Traveling Clock. He was flying back home in California so he had Don Snyder, who was driving, cart it home. Danny recently picked up the clock. He will keep it until the next reunion when it will travel again with the winner of the special raffle drawing.
Ralph "John" Johnson, C/3/22 68-69 3rd PLT wrote: I feel lucky to be this old, and so far, in this good of health. Wouldn’t have bet on it 53 years ago, no way. Still writing and playing music. I had the idea last summer to re-do the old Bellamy Bros song from, 85, Old Hippy. Call it Real Old Hippy. John
Real Old Hippy - click to read song
Click here: VN Era Music
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