At our Sacramento Reunion, Jose Gonzales introduced the C/3/22 Commemorative Medallion. This is a beautiful 1-5/8" Antique Silver Plate Medallion that gets attention and creates conversation whenever it is spotted.
Picture shows the front and back view.
Tears of a Warrior: A Family’s Story of Combat and Living with PTSD has been our life’s journey for the past thirty-some years. We began writing our story several years back simply as a legacy for our two sons. But, with the Iraq war and soldiers returning from combat, we realized that there are many others who have lived or are now living our experience as well. Some certainly have an even more traumatic story than ours.
Tony Seahorn is a Vietnam Vet and was a guest at our Colorado reunion. At the reunion he introduced us to this very well written book that I recomend to all vets and family members of vets. From it they will understand more.
For more information go to:
Coin: $10
James (Jim) Davis Nelson served in Vietnam from 1967-68. He was a rifleman and machine gunner with the 2/22. He drew maps of enemy base camps and trench lines which the platoon Sergeant sent to headquarters. This led to an assignment as Brigade Draftsman and Brigade command track driver at headquarters. Later General Gleason saw one of his paintings and recommended to Division Headquarters that he become a combat artist with the 18th Military Historical Detachment at Cu Chi.
To purchase: “Vietnam War Paintings — Narratives by Participants”. Call 785-658-7430.
Price: $20.00 Trade Paperback, $30.00 Hardcover. Add $5.00 S&H for each book.
Website link:
Book Description at A powerful true story of Vietnam combat. These men battle a ferocious enemy in terrible heated weather conditions. Their dedication to each other help save lives and rescue others. A true story of heroes and courage.
Stephen (Shorty) Menendez (69-70): My new book, "BATTLE at STRAIGHT EDGE WOODS" is finally in hand. The book is available at Amazon Books under it's title name. 'ALL' profits will be given to our Company Veterans Relief Fund. I hope we can build a nice fund using the book's profits.
John Erby's wife, Delores Erby, has written a memoir about John. It's called "Caught Off Guard." It is an excellent read about his life and his dedication to helping veterans. John was in A Company and lost his leg at FSB Burt. He attended several C/3/22 reunions. He was well known among our group. Chuck Boyle
The ordering instructions are: Order from Delores J. Erby
10046 Indian Springs Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45241-3631
Price: $14.00, S/H $4.00, Total: $18.00
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A new expanded and revised edition of Absolution, Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry has been published by Chuck Boyle. It can be purchased from Amazon in either the hardcover or eBook version for Kindle. The ISBN is 978-0-615-83132-9.
If you would like an autographed and
personalized copy, send $26.95 to Chuck at :
PO Box 572, Cottondale, AL 35453.
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Contact our PX Officer if you have questions or to order direct:
Rick DeNomme
716 Green Ave. S.E.
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Polo Shirt

With Vietnam Veteran and the logos on the right chest and CIB on left chest.

Limited quanity will be available at the reunion.
Sizes run a little large. $30.

Popular pocket T-Shirt updated for the latest reunion. Color will be announced.
White print left chest, right chest and full back.
Sizes: Small, Med., Large, X Large, XX Large. $20.
XXX Large on request pre-ordered.
Hats $15
Will be available at reunion. Also you can call or email Rick (info above) to order.
Hurry - Supply is currently limited, but more are ordered.
$20 ea
Choice of White, Black, Red or Blue

I purchased one of our Travel Mugs at the reunion, and they are truly great. They hold 18 oz and keep your drinks very cold or very hot.

The design makes it easy to grasp while it fits the cup holder in your vehicle nicely.

Also as a Legacy
Think of this travel mug to use and to keep as a legacy of Dad’s (Granddad's, Uncle's, etc.) Military service. It’s a great design that works well to keep liquids hot or cold and in between. Plus, it is easy to drink from especially when traveling.
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