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Orginally stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA. in the early 1960's, the battalion departed Tacoma, WA, on September 22, 1966, bound for Vietnam. They arrived in Vietnam on October 9, 1966. Their first base camp was called "Bear Cat." In November 1966, the battalion was relocated to Dau Tieng, Tay Ninh Province, at the southern edge of the Michelin rubber plantation and not far from the Cambodian border.

The 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, initially served with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam, until transferred to the 25th Infantry Division, August 1, 1967.

Some weeks were spent at Cu Chi/Tay Ninh in August 1967, then they returned to Dau Tieng. In January 1968, based out of Dau Tieng, Charlie Company, as part of The 3rd Battalion, operated near Soui Cut, Cui Chi, Hoc Mon, Saigon, and Boa Trai. They remained in those areas until August 1969, whereupon they moved to Tay Ninh.

From August 1969 to January 1970, they operated in Tay Ninh Province; From February 1970 to May 1970, in Thien Ngon. In May 1970, they were in Katum, then back again to Tay Ninh in July 1970. They were in Dau Tieng, (August 1970); Tri Tam, (September 1970); Dau Tieng, (October to November 1970); Xuan Loc, (December 1970); and Xuan Loc/ Long Binh, (January 1971 to 20 April 1971). At the end of April, 1971, they returned to America and were stationed at Ft. Carson, CO. Currently the 3rd Battalion is deactivated, but "The Regulars" are always ready to serve.

22nd Infantry Vietnam era Decorations: Presidential Unit Citation (Army), Streamer embroidered SOUI TRE, VIETNAM (3rd Battalion less Company C), 22nd Infantry cited; DA GO 59, 1968)

Valorous Unit Award, Streamer embroidered TAY NINH PROVINCE (3rd
Battalion, 22nd Infantry cited; DA GO 42, 1969)

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, Streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1966-1967 (3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry cited; DA GO 3, 1970, as amended by DA GO 48,1971 )

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, Streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1967-1968 (3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry cited; DA GO 48, 1971)

Shortly after the end of the Vietnam War, the men of Company C, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry formed an organization to perpetuate the memory of those killed in action and to foster camaraderie among survivors. Their official title is "C/3/22 Infantry Association." The association has an active membership of about 300 men. They maintain a mailing list of more than 1000 former Charlie Company and other Vietnam Veterans. The association is a non-profit (501C) organization and is open to membership from any Vietnam Veteran.
The 22nd Infantry Regiment was part of General Winfield Scott's Brigade in 1814. Because of a shortage of blue cloth, the Brigade went into battle against the British at Chippewa wearing jackets made of the only cloth available, in a "buff" or gray color. Because of their gray jackets, the British commander, Major General Phineas Rials, mistakenly supposed them to be local militia. However, as the 22nd and other units of the Brigade advanced through artillery and musket fire with unwavering military precision, General Rials corrected his mistake with the cry "Those are Regulars, by God".

The Regiment embraced the enemy General's description, and "Regulars, by God" became the 22nd's unofficial motto.
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