Please make all checks or other forms of payment payable to C/3/22 Association.
Mail to The Treasurer: Don Snyder, 203 West Kenneth Rd., Glendale, CA 91202.
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The George A. Fogarty Scholarship is named for Charlie Company’s 1st KIA. It honors all of Charlie Company’s Heroes that made the supreme sacrifice.
The last drawing was held at Minneapolis 2017 Reunion banquet.
 $1,000.00 scholarships were awarded to the children or grandchildren of:
C/3/22 Association is a brotherhood of Army Veterans who served with Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 4th and 25th Infantry Divisions, during the Vietnam War. Membership is not restricted to C/3/22. Veterans of other units are invited to join us.
Annual Dues are $20.00, payable on 1 January each year. Dues paid on or after that date are credited for that year only. NOK's (next of kin ) of our KIA's and Deaceased are automatic life members and are not obligated to pay dues.
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Members - Please inform the association of any changes in your contact information.
Member must be registered with C/3/22 and current with dues. Applicant must be related to Charlie Company member, i.e. spouse, children, stepchildren (adopted), grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
The Fogarty Family at Washington DC 2011 Reunion. (Ruben Sanchez did some clever photo editing for this picture.)
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Bob Duplechin, Grandson, Reece Leleux
Rick DeNomme,Grandson, Nicholas DeNomme
Lavern Schuman, Grandson, Adam Charles Schumann
Maynard Doty, Grandson, Colton Doty
Dave Bowman, Granddaughter, Laura Maranta
Roger Ilg, Daughter Veronica Ilg
Roger Ilg, Daughter, Sydney Ilg
Oscar Harris, Grandson, Andrew Uy 
Roger Fogarty, Granddaughter, Taylor Newby
Dennis Wagenman, Granddaughter, Cassidy Sawyer
Charles Milton, Grandson, Mathew Milton, Jr.
Oscar Cantu, Granddaughter, Cheyenne Spring Murray
Pete McNaughton, Hannah McNaughton, Grandaughter
Pete McNaughton, Emma Birky, Grandaughter
Four names were drawn for the Scholarships awarded. Then Steve Haines stepped up to announce that he wanted all the names that were submitted for the drawing to be awarded a scholarship. Steve and his wife donated the $10,000 to make this happen. Look in the next Newsletter for his heartfelt message.